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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Counterfeit Mania! (Interactive Flash Animation)

Interested in Counterfeit (fake, knock off) products. Then this is the site for you!

Please click the following link to play COUNTERFEIT MANIA (a game of my making)!

There you can pick your way through the counterfeit vs real battle!


If you have additional interest in the counterfiet world after this game, please visit my inspiration Counterfeit Chic


Blogger D.Edwards said...

Its hard to explain why it seems ok to buy counterfit items from a nice looking store, and not ok to buy it from some stand in downtown LA, for example. I think it has to do with what we allow ourselves to believe. i can tell myself that even though im buying a counterfit watch from this store, my money atleast goes to the company and its employees....where as the guy on the street is doing it to make an easy buck. or that somehow the store got the item in a way that is closer to legal compared to the guy on the street. so whether or not we buy the counterfit really depends on how much we can fool ourselves into believing.


3:15 AM  
Blogger thoranderin said...

I love any idea that subverts corporate goals, since I find most corporate goals to be lacking all humanity (other than what is necessary to fulfill their market strategies). What is the difference between the guy trying to make an easy buck and the shareholders of Nike trying to make an easy 4 billion? My money goes to the individual everytime.


8:01 PM  
Blogger amber J said...

I love what you have done. I really can't explain why people buy counterfit products, maybe the same reason why they buy bulk. People know that it's hurting something in the world, but not them, so why care. I don't think I buy counterfit products, but for those that do, it's for a reason. You mentioned on the one with the meds that you need insurance, and it's amazing how many people don't have insurance. So for those who don't there are not many options. popamber

9:51 PM  
Blogger J.Yusa said...

It seems as though a person who wants the real thing would be viewed as a spoiled brat who gets what they want, and the person who guys the counterfeit is the type who doesnt care about the quality, but just wants to fit in. There is the point of who is it hurting. Also, as Amber has mentioned, people know they are hurting someone else, just as long as its not them. PopJoy

6:41 PM  
Blogger J_Draper said...

I think it's easy for people to buy into the whole counterfit thing. After looking at the list of benefits of buying counterfit, how could you resist? True, it is cheaper, and who can really tell anyway? But on the downside, you are conforming to the standard that you must have the expensive to be cool, and if celebrities have it you're even cooler. I'd rather just buy something cheap that isn't a fake version of an expensive good. It just seems easier.
It's funny to hear about all the ways to tell if something is counterfit or not. People who buy Coach and Louis Vuitton know these criterion by heart. They take personal responsibility into finding the fake purses that people carry. So, counterfit wearers, you really aren't as sly as you think you are! :)
It saddens me that there are so many counterfit goods out there. People who do not have the money to buy the real thing are now able to buy their way into the culture of the elite. The fact that our society eats up these counterfit goods is proof that we are way too materialistic for our own good!

6:07 PM  
Blogger K Stein said...

I find this to be a pretty touchy subject because its hard to find a way out. Granted, you dont need to buy something just to fit in, like the purse, but it seems to me that everything on the market today came from some place that is exploiting another place. Everything made in third world countries, for example, is then shipped back to the U.S. to be sold. The amount we are paying people in the third world countries does not even COMPARE to the profit we are making, so how can we as consumers buy the knock-off, exploiting those countries more than we already are. And we know what happens when we buy the knock-offs as well; it means that employees of those third world contries get even LESS because we are not paying full price for the 'official' thing they are making. But at the same time in this economy, how can most of us afford to not buy 'knock-offs'? Most of us cant, so we really have less of a choice in the matter than we think. PopKelly

11:29 PM  
Blogger a_edwards said...

I have no problem buying something that is counterfeit, however if I can't afford something I generally figure I don't need it anyway so why even bother buying the counterfeit? I have a friend, no really it's my friend not me, she had a fake pair of Ugg boots and she always says they are just as good as the original but cheaper. However when we were out window shopping and she saw real Uggs that were on sale but still pretty expensive she had to buy them. I honestly can not explain this occurance to you however I feel as though perhaps it's the fasincation and love for the original or folk if you will.

2:30 AM  
Blogger a_wolf said...

"counterfeit"-ism is a true depiction of popular culture. everyone trying to have what everyone else wants, everyone competing with everyone else to have the 'in' product, even if it means sacrificing the authenticity of the item you desire. having the 'real thing' or a 'knockoff' still places you in a category...either you can afford it and you are willing to spend it and you (and your item) are better than those who don't have it, or you don't want to/can't pay the full price but you still want to fit in. in our society, you will be judged by whichever you choose.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But in looking at counterfeit items it's interesting because the people that sell tham are part of popular culture, they follow what is popular and trendy and try to make that more readily available for people who are unwilling to pay as much or cant. Isn't that, then, bringing that which is high class more readily available to the masses?

8:24 PM  
Blogger Christo said...

counterfit items why not? they look identical and they are accepted in society, however i think it is sad that people actually buy these things because it is not the actual product. easy way for someone to make money tho

pop chris

12:46 AM  
Blogger meghann_c said...

I think the whole idea of counterfit items is interesting. On an episode of Sex in the City there was this man selling fake Fendi bags out of his car and one of the characters was going to buy them until she stood there looking at them. She realized that she didn't want to be fake because so much out there was fake to begin with. Some people don't have a problem with putting on something fake and trying to convey a false identity. Others do. I don't see what people gain from it though. If I bought something insanely expensive I would probably want to show it off but not if I bought some fake version of it. It just shows how much people want to be like other people and want to be seen in a specific way.

-Pop Meghann

1:15 PM  
Blogger Calley Carianne said...

That was a really good idea and interesting topic. I would have no idea how to create something like that. Good job. But i would never buy something that is fake when the real item is a mark of wealth. its just not the same thing
Calley Pop Culture

5:11 PM  
Blogger PopCaitlin said...

Wow...did you really make that game? Either way, I think that it was a brilliant way to get you informatin and opinion out there. And you even went beyond that with more posting full of information. I found the "kind elderly people" in contrast to the "pushy scary man" to be an interesting reflection of popular culture in itself. By using those types of people it is reinforcing notions of what types of "crroks" selling counterfeits are hurting the "good, honest" people of the world who sell you not only over priced goods but an image and a heirarchy to match. i have no real moral opposition to counterfeit merchandise, but I think its interesting how abstaining from counterfeits has become an "American duty"--have you heard about the related boyscout merrit badge earned for discouraging these types of purchases?

5:43 PM  
Blogger Calley Carianne said...

So to completely contradict my comment on Kelly Steins blog, I would rather have quality over the cheap prices in this situation. Being a purse fanatic, I would rather pay alot of money for a nice purse that is of great quality and I know is held to high standards.

While in Europe two summers ago, my dislike towards counterfeit purses and street sellers began to grow. To me, selling a knock-off for "dirt cheap" is in a way disrespecting the real thing. So if you actually buy the cheap knock-off then you are comitting some kind of consumer sin! I would much rather buy a purse for a couple hundred dollars and know that it is going to last and be good to me, then buy a cheap one that will not last very long and in some situations, doesn't even remotely resemble the real thing.

Yes, maybe part of the reason why I am so determined to buy the real deal, is because if you buy a knock-off and it is obvious that it is a fake, then people will notice and start to make judgements. I am the poster child for a typical consumer of today's society...and I am proud of it too!

9:10 PM  
Blogger C.Brewer said...

I think this game is a powerful example of where there is a will there is a way. The demand for goods that are elitist such as coach purses or gucci sunglasses is so strong people will not allow themselves to hear "no you can't afford that." People refuse to allow themselves to be made "unspecial" or part of the population that cannot afford something. Clearly the price of chanel goods is not falling, so the people will find a way.

10:47 PM  
Blogger thoranderin said...

I love you. The MedsTastic store was the best. (Yeah, yeah, I was a counterfeit male.)

I think you ask some interesting, thought-provoking questions at the end for the consideration of the viewer. If I were to suggest something for the improvement of your project, it would be to offer some part that explores those questions in more thorough detail. The part where you bring up the cons of your choice is good, but could be addressed more in-depth.


11:31 PM  
Blogger Britni said...

I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with buying a counterfeit product. However, if the reason you like the coach bag is simply because it is coach, buying the counterfeit bag seems senseless. I have bought knock off purses because I liked the way they looked when I saw them, not because of the brand they were associated with. But everytime I have bought a knock off version of a purse, it has been from a department store, not from a street vendor. I think that mainly has to do with the fact that I don't frequent very many places that have street vendors selling things. I think there are many benefits to buying coutnerfeit products...mainly saving a lot of money, but there are also some problems with it. Counterfeit products say a lot about our society in that in order to try and fit in, people resort to buying imitation products. However, these fake products will not allow that person to fit in because people will be able to tell that the product is fake, thus defeating the whole purpose of buying a product so you can fit in. Counterfeit products are just one of many examples of the contradictions surrounding popular culture in our society and I think your video did a good job of point that out.


12:08 PM  
Blogger k_johnson said...

This is a very unique project and to be honest a breath of fresh air. However i do have a problem with counterfeit babies. Just because a baby is not from the local community does not mean its not a real baby. The adoption of babies from third world countries actually saves the baby from a life of oppression. I do think that counterfeiting is wrong but at the same time it i dont think it is right for large corporations to charge enormous amounts of goods that costs pennies to make. I guess it goes both ways.


2:54 PM  
Blogger Brittjohnston said...

To be honest this site creeped me out a bit(perhaps it had something to do with a monster selling babies on the side of the street), although it was creative and i got the gyst of your message. i guess i just didn't like the idea of only having two options. It's not that i didn't want fake things because they were fake, i just wasn't interested in that particular purse in general. And being adopted myself,i was a little apalled at the notion of a counterfit baby. I know that these were merely just examples to prove your point and i like the way you constructed the site as something interactive, but personally i would say nay to the 300 dollar Paris hilton bag and the counterfit one in favor of something that had a little more personal meaning attatched to it.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Brittjohnston said...


3:06 PM  
Blogger R. Bullerdick said...

I don't think that buying counterfit items is a neccessarily harmful practice. If it's hurting anyone in the world, the majority of times it is reducing the profits of giant corporations while putting a little bit of cash in another individuals pocket. Most items that are replicated anyway are the products of companies that sell their goods WAY above the cost of production and then pocket the profits.

4:18 PM  
Blogger R. Bullerdick said...

Sorry. The above is PopRyan

4:18 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I have a very strong opinion on counterfit items. I think they are wrong and i hate when i see people carrying them. i know that a lot of counterfit money goes to terrorism. i understand why people like marc jacobs or prada take these counterfit companies to court. its not the fact that they are losing money- because they truly arent- its the principal. people are goign to stop buying the trade mark gucci bag if it is always being counterfit. people want to stand out. how would an artist fell if someone took their idea and sold it without your permission. its just not fair.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Wasmend said...

This site really drew me in and made me pick all the choices...even if I didn't feel compelled to look at the whole site I still would have. I think that the points are made really well and was interested to see how much emotion this topic actually generates. I don't think any product that is mass produced is 'authentic" so it gives me no guilt to buy fake. I used to feel a lot more smug when I could use something fake and fool people into thinking that it was the "real thing." But, that was mostly true when I was interested in creating an impression of being middle class when I wasn't. Now that I am middle class for real, the thrill is gone. I don't lust for the Manolo pumps I think because they don't have much meaning for me at this point. poppat

9:46 PM  
Blogger C.Watson said...

Well I’m guilty of having just one fake piece, my little Chanel Wallet…I think I talked about in another blog posting about fashion and class, but yes I’m guilty. I bought it because of many reasons. First I liked the design of the original piece and thought it was very pretty (I wasn’t looking to make it a stake in class or anything), second there is no way I would pay $400 for a stupid wallet no matter how much make I make, something like a wallet or a purse should never cost that much because it is so obvious that those who produced it defiantly do not get to see that large of the profit unless the designers manufacture the product by hand skillfully, then I would understand. And finally, the wallet was still $50 and made very well with real leather, just like a guess wallet or any other wallet that would be around that same price range.
I do feel bad when sweatshops are talked about with the knocks offs and the loss of intellectual property of the original manufacturer, but most of the time they too are guilty of sweatshop labor. So there are an evil and a lesser of two evils playing the same market game…it makes it hard to choose. Also, our society is very price savvy, which makes fakes much more popular. I can’t really cast a vote on which is better, the cartoon told me that I liked the fakes…

9:54 PM  
Blogger amayer said...

for these questions one has to consider the economic status of each individual because i dont have money so if i really cant find something for free i will buy the knockoffs because its the only thing i can afford and the same goes for the other extreme. that could be another question to ask yourself when reflecting.popaaron

10:36 PM  
Blogger SocialPete said...

I dont understand the correlation you make between cheap and counterfeir. That is, if I buy a pair of shoes at Pay-Less, am I purchasing counterfiet products. How about if I purchase items at Wal-Mart, they have non-counterfier items for a cheaper price, yet every one states that people should not shop there. I dont think that cheap has anything to do with counterfieters, I think it hurts our economic infrastructure. (by the way, the current exact plan of some muslims for our economy) I hate bureaucracy just like everyone else, but we have no idea what we are supporting when we buy counterfiet. I did enjoy the presentation of this idea.

10:50 PM  
Blogger SocialPete said...

last comment was from poppeter

10:51 PM  

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